Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We give utmost importance to our client’s privacy.

We accumulate individual information from different sources, comprising:

Information we received by our clients, such as information we receive  on account applications or further forms such as name, address, social safety number, marital status, employment, assets, and income details

Information about, your accounts, and your holdings and trades that we receive from clients or others, such as account custodians, stockbrokers, and other financial services.

To safeguard client’s data from illegal access and use, we have adopted organizational, practical, security measures that fulfill by central law. These measures comprise Digital safeguards and cyber security.

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We are a trustworthy financial advisor. We recognize financial requirements of individuals and assist them with investments (such as stocks and bonds), tax laws, and insurance choices. We help our clients plan for short-term and long-term goals, such as education expenses and retirement. We are a financial advisory firm working in the investments to match the clients’ goals.

“We have 7+ years experience in Investment consulting”

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