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Tax Planning

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We are a trustworthy financial advisor. We recognize financial requirements of individuals and assist them with investments (such as stocks and bonds), tax laws, and insurance choices. We help our clients plan for short-term and long-term goals, such as education expenses and retirement. We are a financial advisory firm working in the investments to match the clients’ goals.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is one of the utmost significant aspects of individual finance. It formulates the fundamental share of our investment plans. However, 90% of financial mistakes by individuals in India are made during the tax planning season.

Tax planning should be considered as an essential part of an overall financial plan. This would help individuals in improving their tax planning strategies.

  1. Identifying Tax Liability
  2. Offering Comprehensive assessment of all tax-related deductions that are available in the form of house rent, provident fund, health and life insurance etc.
  3. Identifying the effect of tax savings on your available surplus.
  4. Estimating all your tax-saving investments based on their merit.

Section 80C

One of the most chosen ways for investment, life insurance has long been considered as a tax-saving tool. But the primary objective has been neglected and investors end up buying the wrong product. The tax benefit is the inherent advantage that comes with all insurance benefits.

Public Provident Fund is a highly advantageous small saving scheme accessible to investors. Here, not only the investor can benefit from the deduction on the amount invested in this scheme but the interest received on maturity is also exempt from tax.

Equity Linked Savings Scheme, popularly known as ELSS are a close-ended, lock-in period of 3 years diversified equity schemes offered by mutual funds in India. They offer tax benefits under the new Section 80C of Income Tax Act 1961. ELSS can be invested using both SIP and lump sums investment options

Bank Fixed deposit for five years falls under Sec 80C tax benefit. Although it is the utmost feasible choice for investors, It is a decent option in the present situation particularly for individuals in lesser tax range.

Section 80CCD 

The New Pension Scheme

The National Pension System is a voluntary defined contribution pension system in India. The National Pension System, like PPF and EPF, is an EEE instrument in India where entire corpus escapes tax at maturity and entire pension withdrawal amount is tax-free.

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How Invest n Rich LLP Help You?



We possess expertise in investing and managing Finances than most people, so we can guide you in selecting better options than you might make on your own.



We help you in keeping track of observing you out of making emotional decisions about your finance, like buying a stock that’s been increasing rapidly or selling all your stock funds when the market falls.



We as a financial advisor make suggestions about the best policies to improve your finances, from what to investments to make to what insurance plan to choose.



As your lifecycle surrounding change, we can help you modify your financial plan so that it continuously fits your present situation.



Many individuals don’t take the steps to accomplish their finances because they’re too caught or too confused about what to do. Working with us means reliably in every step in financial planning.

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